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We are interested in studying gene expression in microorganisms in planetary analog sites. Using RNAseq, and other tools of bioinformatics, we are studying differential expression of genes under various environmental stressful conditions, with the ultimate goal of of exploring possibilities of life on Mars and Europa (Jupiter's moon).

Collaborator: Dr. Scott Perl, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California

Collecting microbiomes from Searles Lake, California for astrobiological investigations.

 Plant abiotic stress:

Using RNAseq technology we are investigating on genes upregulated in the biofuel tree Paulownia elongata under various abiotic stressful conditions. View our publication in the Bioethanol journal.

Collaborator: Dr. Nirmal Joshee, Fort Valley State University, Georgia 

This project is funded by United States Department of Agriculture 

Plant genomics:

We are interested in studying how turmeric plants respond to heat and salt stress. We are using next generation sequencing technique RNA-Seq to analyze gene expression in turmeric plants.

Collaborator: Dr. Rao Mentreddy. Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University


We genetically transform microbes and plants to produce biofuel and biodiesel-like compounds. We transform microbes to metabolically engineer terpene biosynthetic pathway, which will lead to production of biodiesel in plants and microbes.