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Kirill Musaev (M.S. student)

Hi, I am Kirill. My specialty is molecular biology and I take on some organizational and training functions. Being a member of the lab since May 2019, I worked on several projects involving abiotic stress in plants, biofuels research and protocol optimization. I got my bachelor's degree from CSUN in 2019 with majors in biotechnology and cell & molecular biology, and a minor in chemistry. My current work is centered around transcriptomics and physiology of organisms under different types of stress, on which I plan to write my thesis. I am informally interested in many STEM-related fields such as medical technology, astro- and particle physics, aviation and all kinds of engineering. We'll never run out of topics to chat about :)

Bhiolina Bharadwaj (M.S. student)

My name is Bhiolina, 2nd year grad student. I have been working in this lab since Fall of 2019. I have done my bachelor’s degree from University of Delhi, India in Plant Science. Right now I am working in the field of plant biotechnology and planning to go for PhD in the same field. Specifically I am working on genetic transformation of sunflower plants with a terpene synthesis gene for biodiesel production. From my personal note, I am from India (an Assamese) and a big K-pop fan, well BTS fan (a real army I guess). Also watched most of the k-dramas that exist in this world

Avetis Mishegyan

Hello! My name is Avetis, I’m a first generation student here at CSUN. I joined Dr. Basu’s lab as a sophomore, but still undecided on whether I wanted to peruse a career in biotechnology or the medical field. Furthermore, I have a hobby for cars with internal combustion engines. However, these vehicles run on non-renewable fuels. As a result of the experience I gained in the lab, and the desire to create renewable fuels, I began to find interest in pursuing a career biotechnology. In the end, I plan to get my masters degree in biotechnology with the possibility of a doctorate degree in biotechnology.

Former members

Dr. Dinesh Gupta

Dr. Gupta completed M.S. from Basu Lab and then completed Ph.D. from the Washington University, St. Louis. Currently working as a Post Doc. at the University of California, Berkeley.

Homa Hemmati

Homa completed M.S. from Basu Lab. Currently working at the Cedar Sinai Hospital.

Niveditha Ramadoss

Niveditha completed M.S. from Basu Lab. Currently Pursuing Ph.D. at the San Diego State University.